Tokyo Parts Industrial has been serving for a half century as a proprietary manufacturer of electric and electronic parts.
We have been supplying precision parts that meet the needs of customers both within Japan and abroad.
We have accumulated expertise in production that came to us through technical tie-ups and joint projects with many domestic and overseas enterprises. Expertise in product development flowing from flexible ideas and a broad perspective.
Excellent quality management demonstrated by our high quality warranty system that applies throughout all of every process.
Utilizing our many capabilities, we give more support to our customers so their products are more functional, compact, and energy saving.


Technical capabilities

We have been serving for half a century as a manufacture dedicated to making electric and electronic parts.
We keep manufacturing high-quality products that are always on the cutting edge. That’s why we have been able to apply for more then 800 patents and utility models that case out of unique expertise at electrical parts development.


We started using a CAD/DAM system before anyone in the competition.
We have been confronted with requests for many types of parts and challenged to meet very difficult requirements.
We have become recognized for our adaptability, and our reputation is : “If you are really looking for skilled development, you should goto Tokyo Parts.” That’s where companies can find us., in our well-equipped design facilities, ready to apply our flexible development concepts to new and challenging subjects.

Quality management

Our quality warranty system includes QFD (Quality Function Development) for our development and design system and our in-process quality control system, and a reliability verification system.
All aspects of all these safeguards apply throughout all processes.
This system assures that we will be providing reliable precision parts.

Keeping an eye on costs

We always bear in mind the value of reducing costs.
We do effective work in well-equipped facilities and try to turn out good performance at low cost with improved production technologies.
Above all, our aim is hit both targets at once: low cost and high performance.